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                                   F A T I P E C

SITPChem is a member of FATIPEC - Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints in European Countries:

website: www.fatipec.com
5 rue Etex
F-75018 Paris 

  Organization of FATIPEC:

President of the FATIPEC Federation –        Michael Hilt;

General Secretary of FATIPEC Federation - Jozef Koziel;

Treasurer of FATIPEC Federation -              Philippe Janssens;

FATIPEC was created in 1950 and counts today twelve affiliated European National Coatings Associations of scientists, technicians and experts from the coatings world whose individual members belong to manufacturers, research and scientific centers, universities, suppliers of raw materials, production and application equipment and end users of coating materials. FATIPEC is a non-profit organization.

Members of FATIPEC represent countries: 
Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, The Netherlands.

The member Associations are Organizations whose members deal with scientific and technological matters connected to the Coatings. These members are individuals employed or having been employed by:

  • Coatings manufacturers;
  • Allied industries like: producers or suppliers of raw materials, production and laboratory, control and measurement equipment as well as services, usable in the Coatings Industry, the end users and coatings applicators;
  • Universities, Institute/Research Centres;
  • Other organizations having functions with a close connection to the coatings activity, (binders, adhesives, etc.).

FATIPEC is a member of the CSI - Coatings Societies International.  

CSI is the global organization composed of Member Federations: FATIPEC (Europe), JSCM (Japan), OCCA (United Kingdom), SCAA (Australia), SCANZ (New Zealand), SLF (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), ATIPAT (Argentina), STAR (Peru, Columbia, Venezuela) and JASMEC (Japan).


 Main FATIPEC objectives:

  • Stimulating research and exchange of ideas and expertise among its members and publishing the results of scientific and technological works worth the interest of the Coatings Industry;
  • Supporting activities for development of international cooperation between the coatings scientists and technicians worldwide including Universities and Institute/Research Centers;
  • Organizing an International Congress for specialists, scientists, technicians and researchers of the Coatings and allied industries worldwide;
  • Creatiing cooperation or membership in other scientific organisations for defined goals;
  • Providing a platform for communication in the coatings world;
  • Promoting and to strengthening friendship and contact between all its members.

The FATIPEC Board elects the European Scientific Committee ESC which is taking care of the scientific, technological and technical level of FATIPEC, including the programme of the congress. ESC as a permanent body of FATIPEC, is composed of one delegate from each member Association. The members are recognized as experts in the fields closely related to the Coatings Science and Industry. The role of the ESC is to take care of the scientific, technological and technical level of FATIPEC programs and cooperate with the Congress President for the FATIPEC congresses. The Chairman cooperates with the Congress President.


The European Technical Coatings Congress ETCC 

is organized by FATIPEC every two years.   ETCC replaced very successful traditional FATIPEC Congresses organized in the 60 years period: 1950 – 2010.

The aims of the Congress are:

  • to provide the scientific and technological wide scope of the up-to date knowledge concerning production, formulations, application and development of coatings and inks understood in their widest meaning,
  • creation of a platform for exchange of scientific, technical knowledge and experiences dedicated for specialists and practitioners,
  • promotion of scientific and practical knowledge related to paints, varnishes, enamels and printing inks.


In 2014 the European Technical Coatings Congress ETCC 2014 took place from 3 - 5 September 2014 in Cologne, Germany. 

The theme of this ETCC 2014 congress was: "New Functions and Sustainability - Drivers for Future Coatings".

The congress had 486 participants, 6 invited lectures and 85 lectures in total. In an as well separate and permanently accessible poster session approximately 40 posters were presented.

ETCC 2014 was accompanied by a small exposition, which attracted many of the congress visitors. An interesting social programme attracted several congress participants: Visit of a typical brew-house as get-together on the first evening and a romantic boat cruise on river Rhine as social evening on the second day. The atmosphere of the congress was generally very comfortable and the feedback of the participants was very positive. Three awards were handed out to the award-winners during the closing ceremony of ETCC 2014.

More information about FATIPEC you can find at the website:  www.fatipec.com and contact by e-mail: info@fatipec.com.
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